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50% Off January Sale

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful restful Christmas. Borne To Creeate AKA the Left Handed Artisan, just wanted to let you know about our January 2024, 50% off sale.

On selected items on our website, which can be accessed via Facebook and Instagram and our website

Please see discount codes below which must be used at checkout on selected items and please share with your friends. The sale ends 31/01/24

Januarysale1 - Hanging Large Fabric Butterflies.

Januarysale2 - Gold Cowl / Snood.

Januarysale3 - Coronation Union Jack Split Canvas.

Januarysale4 - Boat Baskets Reversible.

Januarysale5 - Tote Bags Reversible.

Januarysale6 - Table Runners Reversible.

Januarysale7 - Crochet Ladies Belt -light sky blue and Beige.

Januarysale8 - Crochet Ladies Belt- White, Blue and Beige.

Januarysale9 - Crochet Ladies Belt - White, Rose and Green.

Januarysale10 - Cushions.

Januarysale11 - Bed Runners with matching Cushions.

Happy Shopping 😊

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