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King Charles Coronation

Updated: Feb 6

coronation table runner front view

King Charles Coronation,

As we are approaching this grand event, which has not happened in seventy years as Queen Elizabeth, had been the longest serving monarch on the throne of England.

We are now embracing King Charles, who is soon to be crowned the new King of England, Scotland and Wales. With this in mind I have created some Coronation reversible table runners, key rings, mini hand painted Union Jack Flag canvases to celebrate this special occasion.

I find the whole situation quite moving, as I have never experienced any such occasion in my life time and feel quite privileged to be living in such a time as this.

coronation key ring front view

I am sure there will be lots of celebrations up and down the country and around the world.

As this is not just a British event with all the traditions ceremony and pageantry.

Other countries who are part of the Common Wealth I am sure will be invited from overseas to celebrate this occasion too.

This in itself is a new dawning of a new era, for all who live in the United Kingdom. Which will never be experienced again until the next King of England is crowned.

What are your thoughts on the fourth coming Kings Coronation and having a new King of England. Maybe you have memories of the late Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation and the celebrations that took place.

Were there street parties and other community events. Please feel free to share your memories and thoughts.


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