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My Caribbean Twist

Updated: Feb 6

in my daddy's  garden in jamaica

I haven’t been to Jamaica in ages, the last time I visited my family was August 2014.

On that trip I took my daughter for the first time to visit family and showed her where her Grandparents were born.

Well, here I am again nine years later back in Jamaica but this time with my son. He’s never been to Jamaica nor on an airplane.

We left England Wednesday 4th January 2023 and safely landed in the capital, Kingston Jamaica after 9pm.

It’s was so good to be on the ground again after flying for over nine hours.

After getting through immigration and walking towards the outside of the airport. I could see lots of loved ones with anxious faces waiting to get glimpses of their loved ones.

I started to look around too scanning faces, then I heard a familiar voice calling my name, I turned my head towards the voice on my right-hand side and it was my Daddy. Then I ran to him and he held his arms out to hug me.

It was an amazing feeling being able to hug, hold, squeeze and kiss my Daddy again after eight long years. As I am here away from my husband, daughter and business, I am embracing my cultural heritage taking in the atmosphere, enjoying the sun, food and my Jamaican family.

fontana pharmacy manderville jamaica

My Son and I went to the shopping Centre called the Plaza it’s a large shopping mall with various individual shops selling all sorts of home-wares, clothes and souvenirs for tourists.

The atmosphere is electric. People everywhere are buying and selling. Everyone helps themselves by selling lots of their own produce from their land such as lemons, nuts, mangoes, ackee.

church building

I went to my Daddy’s Church which is one of the local Baptist Churches in the area.

The building is all on one level like a large wide bungalow with windows on both sides of the building and two side doors on the left-hand side of the building, with one big large double door at the main entrance.

The floor is ceramic tiled in white, green and pale cream-coloured tiles. The pews are wooden and stained in a light brown colour, the seats and the back rests are adorned with cushions in a brown speckled fabric which complements the pews.

The ceiling is very high and furnished in paneled polished wood with eight large white ceiling fans in a row. The walls are bright white, the alter is adorned with a large wooden table with the inscription “In Remembrance of Me”, which has very decorative carvings on the edge of the alter.

In addition, there are rows of seating on the left and right-hand side which the choir occupies. The people are very welcoming. And there is Sunday school for both the children and adults, as well as the main service.

me and my son

My son, Daddy and I went to YS Falls in the Parish of St Elizabeth, the environment is very green and lush with lots of tall trees which shade the sky.

My Son and I at YS Falls in the Parish of St Elizabeth Jamaica.

me and my son and daddy

My Son, me and my Daddy at YS Falls the Parish of St Elizabeth Jamaica.

me and my daddy

Me and my Daddy at YS Falls in the Parish of St Elizabeth Jamaica.

yS falls

Its warm tropical forest has the YS Falls within the centre. The Falls has several levels which can be climbed with the assistance of the dedicated tour guides.

But if you don’t want to climb the YS Falls you can walk along the wooden platform path attached to wooden railings.

The path follows the line of the YS Falls and you can hear the gushing waters as it flows down each level, reaching the bottom, emerging into one complete ‘shiny crystal’ pool of water, as the sunlight reflects down on the water bed below.

Now My Caribbean Twist,

me in my daddy's garden

Now My Caribbean Twist,

I am looking at the colourful fruits for inspiration such as pineapple’s🍍, watermelon 🍉 , bananas 🍌, ackee, mangoes 🥭 and the Jamaican flag.

The fruits and the Jamaican flag have bright and bold colours, which I am using to inspire me to create new interesting and bold creations, therefore incorporating the Jamaican culture into my work.


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