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The Left-handed Artisan- 'Borne to Creeate'

Updated: Feb 6

crocheting a crochet blanket left-handed

The left-handed Artisan - ‘Borne to Creeate’

Well, here we are again another month over and Christmas is nearly here. Thanks to everyone that read my first blog and for those who mentioned in passing that they had read it too.

As I was thinking about what I was going to type in my next blog I started thinking about my personal journey into Arts and Crafts. I remember desperately wanting a place on the Fashion Design course at college, which was being offered in Erith, Kent.

I remember thinking about how I really wanted to make a good impression, and seeing a white dress in a magazine, I cut the pattern freehand and made the white dress to take to my interview. I managed to secure a place on the course, as the interviewer could see my potential from the dress I had made.

Many of you will not know this, that I am left-handed and I cannot use scissors that right-handed Artisans use. I have to use special scissors for left-handed artisans as this is much more comfortable when cutting fabrics.

As society is geared towards right-handed individuals, I have completed my own research and found several websites that have special products for left-handers. This enables left-handed individuals to be able to do their own crafting with ease.

I would be really interested to know if there is anyone out there that has had similar issues with sourcing tools for their trade.

Please see below some of the websites I have found, that sell left-handed products which can be used for the Arts and Craft industry:


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